All set to get hitched? Do consider these three points before taking the decision

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All set to get hitched? Do consider these three points before taking the decision

While marriages might be made in heaven, it appears that we have to prepare and complete the task here.  When it comes to weddings in India, there is a long checklist that has to cover several areas – right from matching kundalis to checking social status. While most parents continue to believe in checking the guna of the prospective groom or bride, taking real steps can help achieve much better in long term. If you are all set to take the plunge then find out whether the prospective groom or bride fulfills these points.

Family genes and health

No doubt that discussing each other’s families might appear an interesting task, however, do not take it lightly at all.  Make it a point to find out about medical conditions prevalent in each other’s families.  Major health laments such as genetic details, chronic diseases, and surgeries.  It is extremely important to run a background check or research these before taking any decision. There are many pre-martial counselors who suggest couples undergo a genetic blood disorder test to detect any problem.

Financial stature

Despite the fact that both (the prospective bride and groom) are financially independent, it is very important to check the financial stature of each other for a secure future. As per studies and research conducted, it has been found that marriages can fall apart due to financial dilemmas. Also, financial difficulties are known to be the root cause of most problems in marital life.

Cultural and religious beliefs

It is extremely crucial to understand religious temperament and beliefs of each other before you decide to take vows. As human beings, each one of us is defined by our respective education, food habits, religion, ethnicity, culture and languages. Hence, discussing each other’s cultural and religious preferences, similarities and differences is important.

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