Are athletes more prone to falling sick?

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Are athletes more prone to falling sick?

It is common to think that athletes are meant to be healthy and fit, and why not? With the kind of strict exercise and workout schedule they stick to, it is apparent for most people to assume that they can hardly fall sick. However, the contrary is true. Just like other human beings, they are prone to diseases and other health problems. Most athletes spend most of their time in extra workouts, even if it is a holiday. They do this to make sure that they do not put on extra pounds. However, while doing extra workouts, they should also be slightly more alert and take precautions to avoid falling sick, as per the recent guidelines.

As mentioned above, in some way, athletes are just like all of us. As a matter of fact, it will not be wrong to say that they are more susceptible to the flu and the cold when they get little or no rest.  Their schedule is packed which often leaves them with no time to take proper rest which makes them vulnerable to health problems.

However, the physical demands of high-intensity, prolonged and regular training and competition are related to the changes in the immune system that can make them predisposed to ailments in comparison to those who are not athletes.

Sudden increases in competition, as well as training load and stress to perform well, can also increase the risk of disease and illness. The picture is slightly different for those who are weekend warriors in comparison to elite athletes. Moderate-intense physical activity when done on a regular basis can protect people against health ailments involving the upper respiratory tract.

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