Cool office gifts for this festive season

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Cool office gifts for this festive season

Do you want to make Christmas and New Year fun at your workplace?  If yes then opt for these fun options and enhance the experience at your workplace. Given the fact that the season of gifting is here, and you are dreading the famous Secret Santa game at your office then welcome to the club. This one-office ritual is no less than a devil in disguise because you never know with who you will be playing Santa. Here is a list of some fun and interesting gifts that you can try to gift this season.

Brooches and scarves

If you are looking for some interesting lifestyle products then buy a pretty scarf. Most people love layering, and when it comes to women, it just makes for the perfect gift. Cuff links, a brooch, or a tie-pin can also be considered.

Potted plants

If you want something different and unique then leave a touch of care on your colleague’s desktop. Nothing can be compared to a small potted plant.  Consider succulents that need low maintenance and care and instantly add color to a desk.

Craft kits

Now it is often that you look for gifts that can be used later by the recipients. Choose something that recipients can use to create some interesting stuff, for instance, a sewing kit for those who love knitting or a craft kit for artsy. You can further add a touch of personalization by leaving a message admiring their handwork.

Photo collage

If photographs excite and enliven you and the recipient then choose from a collection of nerdy and gawky ones where you two appear together. You can now make a small collage with fun captions and small anecdotes. Choice of photographs should be done with great care so that they can leave a long-lasting impression on the recipient.

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