Do not pressurize your child!

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Do not pressurize your child!

It is quite often to see that most people pressurize their children to score better grades. However, if you want them to be successful in their life then avoid it. The obsession with scoring good grades is common across the globe. What most parents forget to pay attention to is that they do this at the cost of kindness and social skills. It can go against helping children become successful and well-adjusted in life, says a study.

When parents stress the achievement of kids much more than their decency and compassion during their growing-up years, they end-up sowing seeds of poor well-being and stress. This not only mars their confidence but also their ability to perform well in life. The right development of kids is important for achieving success in life.

If you want to foster academic success and well-being during the formative years of a child’s life, surrounding early adolescence, findings of the study conducted suggest that parents should emphasize respect and kindness for others at least as much as they accentuate extracurricular accolades and academic performance.

The study was conducted on sixth-grade students from an affluent community. It mainly focused on perceptions of parents’ values in 506 students. Kids were asked to rate the top three of six things that they think their parents valued for them. Three values were related to personal successes such as good grades and a successful and promising career and remaining there were about decency and kindness towards others.

Results of the study conducted showed that fathers and mothers perceived stress on achievement versus interpersonal kindness that played a prime role in academic performance and personal adjustment of the child as did perceptions of parents’ criticism.

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