Four reasons why your breasts hurt

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Four reasons why your breasts hurt

When your breasts get tender and even touching them becomes painful, it is annoying. Most of the time, it is common for girls to experience pain in their breasts because of several reasons. Listed below are a few normal reasons why girls might experience pain and discomfort in their boobs.

When you are PMSing

It is one of the most common causes of pain in the breast. Changes in the hormone that tag along with your monthly period cycle often triggers pain and soreness in the breasts. This normal change in the body causes tenderness and swelling on the day prior to your period starting and the first day of your flow. This particular kind of soreness in the breast is known as cyclic pain because it is related to your periods. This will slowly subside away with your periods.

When your bra does not fit aptly

 Not many women are aware, however, wrong lingerie can have some serious consequences for your breasts and chest.  Choosing the right bra is extremely important. If your bra’s cup is too small or too tight then it can trigger pain, tenderness, and soreness. Choose a bra that fits properly to your chest.

When you pulled something

There is a very possibility you might not be hitting the gym harder, however, lifting heavy bags or furniture that might cause strained pectoral muscles. If this is the case then the possibility is that soreness and tenderness is stemming from the muscles located under your breast tissues.   OTC pain relievers or heat pads might alleviate soreness and pain.

When you are increasing and extending your workout sessions

Perhaps, you enjoyed a series of new weight-lifting or did a round of push-ups more than your capacity.  This might appear to you as breast pain, but it is important for you to know that it actually stems from the muscles located below the breasts. Pectoral muscles lie beneath the breast tissue which upon relaxing and tightening can lead to tenderness in the breast. Apply heating pads and take a pain reliever.


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