Four things that only people in a long distance relationship would understand

Four things that only people in a long distance relationship would understand

While some believe that long distance relationships are hard to maintain, others believe that they are simply amazing. In fact, some also think that why would one want to be in a long distance relationship? However, you cannot judge such relationships unless you are actually involved in it. Only those who are in it can understand the troubles and joys associated with it.

All that you discuss is future!

Well, most of the times you end up discussing the future of your long distance relationship.  Whether you are committing any kind of mistakes or thing will work out are a few things that your discussions often revolves around. No doubt that that doubt about the prospects of your future annoys you, it helps in building strong relationship.

Wish to talk dirty?

While you do not get to enjoy the real action, you emerge as pro at dirty talking or sexting. In other words, when it comes to sexting, you are just a go-to-person for friends. Be it through phone sex, Skype chat or text, whether you admit it or not, you have done it all.

When it comes to planning, you are a pro!

Planning no more gives you jitter. Courtesy  planning for all the meetings, trips or even coming online- all these elements have together turned you into a great organizer and you very well know how to set priorities in life. As a matter of fact, in case either of you are settled abroad then no one has better idea about times zones then you. 

Your friends often forget that you are in a relationship

This might have happened with you your friends questioned your single hood. They forget that you are not single and even try to hook you up with some other guy or girl.