Four Tips for Flying with a Toddler

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Four Tips for Flying with a Toddler

The idea of flying with a toddler or baby can give anyone jitters, especially if you are flying by plane. One dilemma that haunts most new parents is how to handle a screaming baby on the airplane. If you are planning your next trip then the following tips might help you make it easy.

Book a direct flight 

Being a parent of a toddler, it is important to keep the number of connecting flights to a limited. Landing puts pressure on the ears of the little one, triggering the pain that makes toddlers cry and scream on planes. Less time spent in transit means fewer possibilities for mid-flight chaos. 

Even if you have to book a connecting flight, make sure you have extra time on the ground between flights. Do you want to run through the airport with a baby, a car seat, a diaper bag, and other travel accessories? Use this extra time to change a diaper, indulge in some non-flight food and let your toddler run to burn off energy.

Make use of pre-boarding time

You might think skipping the pre-board would let you spend as little time as possible on the plane with your little one. However, getting situated on board a plane takes more time with a toddler. Flying with a toddler is stressful enough without having other passengers behind you sighing while the struggle to buckle in your little naughty baby.

Check baby gear

Most airlines allow caregivers and parents to gate check bulky baby gear like car seats and strollers. All you have to do is ask for gate check tags from the attendant at the gate of the airline you are flying from. Attach one tag to each gear and deposit it at the bottom of the jetway. Fold strollers before boarding the flight. Ask about the airline about their gate-check policy before boarding the flight.

Make sure you carry double the baby necessities

Traveling with a baby is no less than a challenge. Make sure you have twice as much baby food, diapers, snacks, formula and bottles on the plane. If your flight is canceled or delayed, you would thank reading this. The last thing you want to face is having a thirsty, hungry and dirty-diapered baby when circling above a storm, bedding down in a hotel room or stuck on the tarmac.

So, follow these tips and gear up for a hassle-free and convenient flight with your little darling. 

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