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Most of us have done this – had paneer tikka and chicken tikka for starters, cheese burst pizzas as the main course meal, and a brownie sundae for the sweet conclusion. Of course, you can add some quesadillas and nachos too. However, none of us is either prepared or fond of that bloated and gassy mess that follows such an overindulgent meal. Then, what can be done to avoid the mess?  Below are a few tips that would not nullify the entire damage but lessen or reduce the impact to a great degree.


Water has all the properties to flush out toxins of a heavy and overindulgent meal. Make sure that you have plenty of water the following day because it will flush out toxins from your body, will reduce bloating and fasten digestion.

Green Tea

In the recent times, green tea has gained immense popularity and an increasing number of people are switching to it for detoxification purposes.  Following an overindulgent night, you can have a cup of green tea in morning to subside the effect of bloating and gas.  Some researches and studies conducted also indicate that having green tea regularly can curb food craving and control blood sugar.

Coconut water

This is specifically of great help to those who have indulged in alcohol more than their capacity and limit. If you had multiple rounds of scotches and old monk, ensure to have multiple rounds of coconut water the next day. Given that it is rich in electrolytes such as potassium and antioxidants, you will get over a hangover.  Potassium also helps fighting bloating after an heavy snacks in the evening.

Water rich fruits

Fruits rich in water like cantaloupes, strawberries, watermelon and pineapples are effective in two ways – they are rich in fibre which helps in digestion and they comprise of a lot of water which helps in detoxifying.


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