How coconut can help you reduce weight?

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How coconut can help you reduce weight?

Most of us know that coconuts have not been a popular choice with calorie counters. They are known for their high saturated fat content however the year 2017 has something else to suggest. This year is all about coconut. From coconut ice cream to coconut water, coconut lattes, coconut cookies, and coconut flakes, this infamous fruit is going to rule the roost this year.   Wondering why? Read on…

Source of carb-like energy

The saturated fat stored in coconuts is not the usual fat. It is not a specific type known as MCT, medium-chain triglyceride. They do not even get stored as fat in the body. Instead, they are a source of energy, more or less similar to carbs. They do not even raise blood sugar levels like carbs. As a matter of fact, according to a study published it has been found that MCTs help in calorie and fat burning in men causing less storage of fat.

It is a low carb

Coconuts are not a great source of macronutrients.  For every 100gm of coconuts, 15 grams is the carbohydrate count. If you are wondering how to cut down on carbs for your daily diet regime then coconut can help you.

Moderation is the key

Although coconuts contain fewer carbs and presence of MCTs might aid in the burning of fat. Saying that does not mean they are low in calories.  For every 100grams of coconut, you end up consuming 354 calories. Thus, you should try to keep your intake low. Dietitians have advised that a person should fulfill one-tenth of their daily calorie consumption need through this fruit. Thus, if you have been recommended to have 1500 calories every day, you should consume coconut worth 150 calories.

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