How do you make your cereals breakfast unhealthy?

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How do you make your cereals breakfast unhealthy?

We all constantly worry about eating healthy and right.  And, the moment we sit with a bowl full of cereals for breakfast, we think that half of our job is done. Given that we assume that cereals are nutritious and low-calorie, they are healthy too. However, are we really eating healthy and wholesome breakfast as we think?  Here are a few tips to give your first meal of the day a healthy boost.

Sugar for taste

While looking for cereals in a supermarket, most of us glue our eyes onto a sugar-free cereal. However, the moment we sit down to have it, the urge to add sugar to it for enhancing its taste does arise. And, often we think about what harm a teaspoon of sugar would cause. Well, remember that sugar is considered worse than fat. As per experts, only 10 grams of sugar should be added to a serving. Add honey instead for it is a much healthier option.

Whole grains or refines grains?

The fact that whole grains are healthier and better than refines grains cannot be ignored. Understandably so, a large number of people are choosing whole grains over white grains. And, the similar logic applies to cereals as well. Adding wholegrain cereals can make a lot of difference to your day.

When fiber is missing

The importance of fruits as a part of a balanced diet is known to all and sundry. According to experts, adding fruits to the first meal of the day is the best way to start a day. Addition of fruits such as apples, oranges, blueberry, and more supplies your body with much required dietary fiber.

Full cream milk

For those of you who prefer having carelessness in full cream milk, are killing the very essence of a healthy and light breakfast.    Full cream milk has high-fat content which your body cannot digest easily, thus, putting pressure on your digestive system.


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