How to choose the best diamond ring?

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How to choose the best diamond ring?

Choosing diamond rings can be quite a challenging and confusing task. To make buying diamond rings easy for you, we have come up with important tips on which the carat and the clarity top the list.


Clarity refers to how many surface imperfections and internal flaws a diamond has and how easily visible they are with the naked eye and under magnification.  It is important to know that the top clarity grade that is FL (Flawless) is given to diamonds that are not visible even when looked at using a 10x loupe.


Carat is all about the weight of the diamond. One carat equals .20 grams. It is further divided into 100 cents or points (half a carat – 0.50 ct- In other words, diamonds can be better understood as 50 cents or points). If you are all set to buy a diamond then it is important to know that it is not valued alone by carat weight. Also, two diamonds having equal carat weight can have different values, depending on color, clarity, and cut.


Diamonds are natural and appear in the colors of the rainbow. Usually, the rarest diamonds that are available are colorless. Polished diamonds are graded from ‘light color’ to colorless. Universally, this is known as the ‘D’ which means exceptional weight, to Z which means tinted color.  While shopping for diamond jewelry, ensure that you try it as there is every possibility that the color might appear different when worn. If you are purchasing a loose diamond, place it on your hand’s top and compare it with the same diamond that is mounted in a ring


It is related to the shape of the diamond. Emerald, round, pear, princess, pear, oval, and marquise are some of the most common and familiar shapes. It is also the factor that most affects the sparkle of a polished diamond.  It is defined in terms of scintillation, fire, and brilliance.

So, the next time you head on to shop for diamond right, keep the tips mentioned above into consideration.

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