Ice or heat? Wondering which to apply for which pain?

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Ice or heat? Wondering which to apply for which pain?

It is often that we find ourselves in a situation of a fix when it comes to choosing between applying ice and applying heat to our body pains. Most people often end up going another way around just to find them in a sorer condition. The repercussions – you might end up having a weaker arm or limb for life, which starts paining whenever your body is over-stressed.

Only if you have an understanding of different kinds of pain that you can make the decision, regarding which therapy to opt for and when. When you have an understanding of different pains, you can choose between hot or cold therapy treatments. Listed below are a few conditions and the type of therapy, heat or cold, they need.

Headache: ice

Ice is considered the most effective treatment for fresh pains because it reduces inflammation and numbs the injury. At the time of headache, pain arises in blood vessels and nerves in the brain.  The application of ice towels and packs can alleviate pain.

Arthritis – Heat

Given that arthritis is a degenerative disease and chronic and long-lasting, heat therapy is the best option to consider. In this condition, the cartilage of various joints gets torn away. For treating this particular type of condition, heat treatment is suggested by the doctor because it relaxes muscles and eases stiffness in joints.

Strains: both ice and heat

If your tendons are injured or muscles pulled, initially it is recommended to apply a cold pack for easing inflammation, numbing pain, and tenderness. However, once the inflammation is reduced, there is the possibility that your muscles might be stiff. You can apply a heat pack for loosening them.

Neck spasm: heat

This is one of the most common mistakes that many people – they apply an ice pack while having pain in the neck. When you experience neck spasms, use a heat pack for relaxing your muscles.


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