It’s time to discover your handbag personality

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It’s time to discover your handbag personality

Handbags are an extremely important part of a woman’s life.  A style mantra and fashion statement – are a must-have for all women irrespective of age. There are different types of handbags available from which you can pick the one as per your personality. Yes, choosing the handbag which best defines your personality is extremely important. Go for a handbag as per your dress and personality. These are not fashion accessories and super functional items, a handbag speaks volumes about your preference, style, and personality. Hence, buy one which says something about you.

Totes for the easy-go women

These have been highly popular and in fashion for a very long time.  The only changes which we can observe are in terms of colors and size. These are usually made of cloth, however skin and leather totes with lace overlays, intricate weavings and crochet are setting a trend. Bright totes just add update and style to almost any dress you wear.

Clutches for trendsetters

A gleam of a decorative sequin, just a plain one or beaded exterior – the clutch is simply a timeless design that speaks of the finder aspects of a women’s personality.  In addition, it also adds a flash of glamour to every after-dark look.

Python bags – a must have for fearless

Nothing can be more irresistible and luxurious than a snakeskin bag. Irrespective of whether it is a faux embossing or genuine python skin, such bags are symbol of luxury, style and elegance. If you want to get a runway ready look then a multi-cultured piece is just the right pick for you.

Long handles for those looking for something sophisticated

If classic look is what on your mind then long-handled bag is the way to go. One with long chain or an organized one with a leather strap is the best option to consider.

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