Seven uber-cool looks to rock the year 2022

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Seven uber-cool looks to rock the year 2022

Looks are extremely important to all of us. Athleisure looks can make a world of difference to your overall style and personality for date night. With people paying more attention to their outfits, it is the right selection that can make or break your look. Wear uber new Fitbit Charge 2 in brown leather along with a vibrant sweatshirt and not-so-regular whiter trainers and black joggers.

An up-cycled mesh shirt when paired with a corduroy skirt is a dressy as well as grown-up take on athleisure. You can pair this outfit with a Fitbit Charge 2 in blush pink color and you are all set to hit the town.

A body-con designer dress is just the right pick to flaunt your improved and new body! You can wear it with Fitbit Charge 2 in blush pink as well as Fitbit Flex 2 with Gold Bangle Accessory.

Just like the year 2016, even 2017 is going to revolve around sustainability. You can contribute to the environment by swapping or bidding goodbye to synthetic fabrics and saying help to polyester. Pair it with a T-shirt, lightweight blazer, and joggers – make sure that all are made of upcycled fabric.

Do you need a not-so-basic bowling dress? And pair your rip and repair denim shirt along with a pair of black trousers, special edition gunmetal Fitbit Flex2 and Tumblr Pink cap and you are all set to go.

It’s time to say hello to your fashion-forward Boxercise dress – which is a sequined mesh jersey when paired with cornrow braids and short shorts. Just one word to describe it – kickass!

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