Three important things you need to know about sagging breasts

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Three important things you need to know about sagging breasts

A female breast is made up of glands and fatty tissues which help in the production of milk. These glands and tissues are covered with skin which is flexible because of the presence of a protein known as elastin. However, when the elasticity of the breast skin is pressurized under the skin, the breasts start to sag.


Smoking is injurious to overall health and breasts are no exception. Smoking destroys the presence of elastin protein. Thus your skin starts to lose elasticity making them sag. Whether it is one cogitate or ten cigarettes a day, smoking ages and weakens skin by decreasing the supply of blood to the skin surface.

Sudden weight loss and gain

Nothing can be more damaging to your skin than weight fluctuation. Sudden weight gain and loss can lead to sagging of skin.  Weight fluctuations can lead to unnecessary stretching of breasts. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and diet to avoid unnecessary stretching. Remember that weight loss should be gradual. If you shed excess weight in a short span then it can cause drooping of breasts. Thus, work out a nutritionally balanced diet plan so that your breasts can remain in shape. In addition, make sure that you wear well-fitted wear at the time of the workout.

Lack of Vitamin B and C

Your breast tissues are similar to your skin. It requires vitamins B and C for building supportive elastic tissues. And these elastin tissues aid in the maintenance of the shape and size of breasts. Thus, if you are missing the fresh orange juice in your diet then go for it now.

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