Three nail trends to consider this season

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Three nail trends to consider this season

When it comes to women, beauty, elegance, and charm hold importance. Flaunting style is something which they love to do. Nails tend to be the most inevitable part of their personality. In recent years, nail art has gained immense popularity. Also, the fact that a wide range of nail colors makes it possible for them to choose the best cannot be denied. Here are three nail trends to look for and try now.

Block of Matte Black

Given that we are living in the age of matte, how can you leave out nails? This winter opts for colors such as black, rich wine, navy blue, purple, and dark grey, and give your nails a Gothic overhaul. If you want to have a minimalistic chic design then start with a block of matte black in the nail’s center rather than going for completely black.

Not quite French

It is the modified French manicure that has become the most preferred trend.  You can choose to mix the classic French manicure with different colors as opposed to the conventional white tip. It can either look sexy or cheery, on the basis of the colors you choose. You can either choose colors from dark frosty, deep colors to stick to a bright palette. Adding a gold triangle decal to the base is also an ideal way to enhance its overall look.

Sport chic glamour

Now, if you want to show support for your favorite game, team, and country then go with this graphic look. You can consider adorning your nails with several holographic logos, and Olympic country flags along with an airbrushed glitter and allow it to fade gradually.  You can try out flags of your favorite cricket or football team, and do not forget to add glitter effects.

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