Three Nutritional myths which continue to rule in India

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Three Nutritional myths which continue to rule in India

When it comes to fitness – it is 30 percent working out and 70 percent how you eat. Most people go hard to the gym and exercise, however, fail miserably in the kitchen. This is not their fault. It happens because of the myths that often do the rounds in the gym.  And, desi trainers and gym instructors further fuel these myths. Listed below are a few such myths that you should pay attention to.

Supplements help reduce fat deposits and gain muscles

Really!!! Understand it for once and all – only if your diet, recovery, and training are on the right track that supplements would help you, and that too a bit. Make sure that supplements do not form more than ten percent of your diet.  If there are several supplements in your diet then re-work the diet regime.  Invest in good nutrition and training to gain lasting results.

Say no to carbs after 8 pm

There are several dumb trainers who add fuel to this myth. However, this myth is propagated by either men who think that treadmill running will help them achieve abs or men who do not lift.  They do countless crunches and run endlessly, go home only to starve themselves. However, the truth is that if you are working out regularly then meeting energy requirements is extremely important. Remember that carbohydrates are the ultimate source of calorie intake.

Intake of proteins increases the peril of osteoporosis

It is a myth that intake of protein leaches calcium and raises blood acidity causing osteoporosis.  Even though it is true that a high intake of protein increases the excretion of calcium in the short-term however this particular effect does not persist in the long run. The fact is that a high intake of protein is related to reduces chances of fractures and osteoporosis in old age.

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