Three qualities that make you the coolest boyfriend

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Three qualities that make you the coolest boyfriend

There is a very possibility that at the time of reading this post, you might think that someone is boasting about your very own qualities. If you think so then, probably, you are the coolest boyfriend. Saying that does not mean you are an ideal guy. However, you are the coolest boyfriend. This means that despite your flaws and weakness, you work to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Read on to find out about the qualities of the coolest boyfriend.

You love her despite her flaws

You appreciate her mistakes and flaws and simply love and admire her for that. Given that you understand that no one is perfect, instead of asking or expecting her to change, you like her the way she is. You love her for her uniqueness and sometimes you join in her mistakes.

You are her support system in every possible sense

Whether she hit the rock bottom or achieved her biggest success, you should be always there for her.  There is no need to spend money on pompoms and special uniforms for lifting her spirits and making her feel good. All you need to do is just understand her situation and empathize with her.

You do not fight to win

Now, this is very important. Even if she has any issues or problems, you make sure to listen to them and sort them out rather than digging past issues and fighting and arguing over them. There are times when you fight for silly things but make sure that your relationship does not become toxic because of it. And, the best thing is that when you cuddle her after the fight.

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