Three tips for your new journey – Fatherhood

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Three tips for your new journey – Fatherhood

Long gone are the times when only the wife took care of the newborn. Times have changed and with many companies granting paternity leave, husbands could be seen at the forefront in taking care of newborns and mothers. Even as he resumes work, he has to manage his hours in such a way that he can take care of both the mother and the baby. Here are some tips for those who have just stepped into the most blessing phase of their life – fatherhood.

Learn the tasks

Simply because it was your wife who carried the baby for nine months does not mean she is completely aware of baby care. Taking care of a baby is not restricted to her only. Persevere with the complicacies of parenting skills and it will not take much time to know the difference between a baby crying for a nappy change and when he or she is hungry. The key is to learn from each other how to put the baby to sleep, bottle-feed and give a bath among others.

Mother care

Remember that your wife has gone through no less than a grueling experience. In addition to your help with baby care, she also needs you and your attention and support to get back to a normal routine, both psychologically and physically. Take care of the new arrival while she rests, make a cup of tea for her and compliment her recovery. These are some of the elementary tips to show her affection and encourage her.

Family Bonding

When you and your partner spend time taking care of your first baby, the time spent leads to close knitting between the three of you. And, it takes no time to realize that you three are family now. Take out time and go for a walk together with the baby. The feeling is just amazing.

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