Three tips to get the perfect body shape

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Three tips to get the perfect body shape

Who does not want to have eight packs? Most men crave for fit and healthy body. However, you do not want these six packs for seasonal appearance. Irrespective of the fact whether you want to flaunt your six packs among friends or while on the beach or want to impress that hot chic, you need to know the right tips to get started.  Beer belly or bulging belly is something that none of you wanted. Here we give you a few easy tips to get that perfect body shape.

Machine cable crunch

Kneel below a high pulley that comes along with a rope attachment.  Next, you have to grab the cable attachment and pull the rope until your hands come near your face.  Now flex your hips and let the weight extend your lower back.  This is just the starting position. Keep your hips still, flex your waist while contacting the abs allowing elbows to move towards the middle of the thigh. Make sure that you keep exhaling while doing so. Hold the contraction for a few seconds or so. You should inhale while returning to the starting position. Do 20 reps and 3 sets.

Mogul jump

Get on floors while lifting your knees a few inches above the floor while placing your weight on the balls of your feet and hands. Make sure that you keep your legs together and arms straight, hop and rotate your feet and knees to the right, then rotate your feet and knees to the left.

Hip up

With your legs straight and feet together, elevate your hips offer the floor making use of your lower abs and gradually rolling them towards your chest. When you have feet over your head, pause for a few seconds and contract your lower abs for two-three seconds. They return to the starting position slowly.


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